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1. Preferred Name: BP Khanal, PhD
2. Official name: Bishnu Prasad Khanal 
3. Date of Birth: 08-19-1968
4. Family: Married – (with) Tara Khanal, and three daughters
Pratiksha (34, married to Phil),
Mahima (29 Married to Rupesh) &
Kritee (27).
5. Faith and/or Religious stand: Christian  
6. Education: up to BA & Mas from Tribhuban University, MAs in three different
study fields, and PhD in Integral Mission from SHUATS, UP India.
7. Involved: Pastoral ministries in The Lord's Assembly, Kathmandu since 1993,
Teaching in different institution,
Research, Writing & Publication (17 books and several article in contemporary issues).
8. Passion: Promotion and protection of Peace through Human Right Defense,
FoRB and minority rights,
Networking of Leadership,
Creating and leading movement to address the current issues and training leaders.
9. Taking on:
(a) Principal, Nepal Korea International College for Shalom Education Foundation, Kathmandu;
(b) National Coordinator to IPPFoRB- Nepal Chapter Secretariat, Kathmandu;
(c) Head of Department, Interfaith Dialogue Efforts for Nepal Christian Society (NCS)
(d) Central Committee Chair, Janajagaran Party Nepal.
10. Contacts: Phone (+977) 9812623072, Email: khanaljee2012@gmail.com